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Get ready to indulge your senses with a font that is as delicious as its name suggests – ” by Anang F Malik Wsn. This font creation is a true masterpiece, crafted with precision and passion to offer you the ultimate typographic experience.

With Version 1.00 released on May 9, 2022, and produced using FontCreator 64-bit, ” is a font that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also technically advanced. Its image ( is a feast for the eyes, showcasing the perfect balance between two styles – modern and playful. These styles shine through in every letter, creating a font that is both sophisticated and fun.

The modern style of ” is evident in its clean lines and sleek curves. It exudes a sense of sophistication and professionalism, making it perfect for any project that requires a touch of elegance. On the other hand, the playful side of this font is reflected in its bold and whimsical design. It adds a fun and lighthearted touch to any design, making it perfect for projects that need a bit of personality.

Fresh, creative, and cool – these words perfectly describe ” by Anang F Malik Wsn. Its fresh style and creative design make it stand out from the crowd, making it a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their work. This font is also a perfect fit for any cool project that needs a font with a modern and playful edge.

But what makes ” truly special is its versatility. Whether you’re designing a logo, branding materials, or even a website, this font can do it all. Its clean and legible design ensures that it can be used for both print and digital projects with ease. So why settle for ordinary fonts when you can elevate your designs with ”?

Discover the magic of ” and add it to your font collection today. With its perfect blend of modern and playful styles, this font is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality and creativity. Don’t miss out on this unique font that will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Trust us, you donut want

Designer: Anang F Malik Wsn

Family name: Donut Know



vendor url:

version: Version 1.00;May 9, 2022;FontCreator 64-bit



Publish Date: 2023-12-25

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