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About scrubland

Introducing a font that will elevate your designs to new heights – ” by Sahirul Puguh, brought to you by the creative minds at TKK Studio. This latest version, 1.001, created with Fontself Maker 3.5.3, is now available for all your typography needs on

Inspired by the rugged and untamed beauty of the scrublands, this font exudes a sense of wildness and adventure. Its bold and dynamic strokes capture the essence of nature, making it perfect for projects that demand a touch of rawness and authenticity. Whether you’re working on a logo for a camping gear brand or designing a travel brochure, ” has got you covered.

With its versatile nature, this font seamlessly transitions between two styles – rugged and refined. Its edgy and rough edges add a touch of edginess to any design, while its clean and sophisticated look makes it ideal for more upscale projects. These two themes come together beautifully in ” to create a font that is both bold and elegant, making it an essential addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Experience the thrill of creativity with ” – a font that is both fresh and exciting. Its unique combination of boldness and refinement sets it apart from the rest, making it a top choice for designers looking to make a statement. Its rustic charm and modern appeal make it perfect for a wide range of projects, from branding to social media graphics to website design.

Impress your audience with ” and its ability to add character and personality to any project. Its intricate details and striking features make it a font that demands attention. So don’t wait any longer, add ” to your font collection today and see your designs come to life in a whole new way. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Designer: Sahirul Puguh

Family name: SCRUBLAND


manufacturer: TKK Studio

vendor url:

version: Version 1.001;Fontself Maker 3.5.3



Publish Date: 2024-05-10

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