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About SamsungOne

Introducing ”, the latest creation from the dynamic trio of Neville Brody, Luke Prowse, and Florian Runge, and proudly produced by Brody Associates. This font is a stunning combination of modernity and sophistication, perfect for those looking to make a statement with their typography.

As you take in the image of ”, you can’t help but be drawn in by its sleek and elegant lines, reminiscent of a high-end smartphone screen. The designers have expertly blended two styles – futuristic and minimalist – to create a font that is both cutting-edge and timeless.

With its crisp and clean lines, ” exudes a sense of simplicity and efficiency, making it ideal for any project that requires a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re designing a sleek tech logo or a minimalist website, this font will elevate your work to new heights.

What sets ” apart from other font creations is its versatility. It comes in a variety of weights, making it suitable for both headlines and body text. And with its wide range of characters, including special symbols and accents, this font is perfect for multilingual projects.

But that’s not all – ” also boasts exceptional legibility, ensuring that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively. And with its seamless integration into both print and digital media, this font is a must-have for any designer looking to stay ahead of the game.

So if you’re on the hunt for fresh and modern fonts that will add a touch of cool and sophistication to your projects, look no further than ”. With its futuristic and minimalist styles, this font is the perfect balance of form and function. Upgrade your design game with ” today and see the difference it makes.

Designer: Neville Brody, Luke Prowse and Florian Runge

Family name: SamsungOne


manufacturer: Brody Associates

vendor url:

version: 1.000


Latin Greek Cyrillic

Publish Date: 2023-12-23

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