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About Fino

Introducing a font that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project – Fino V.2 by Ermin Me_edovi_. This font, produced by the renowned TypeTogether, is a true work of art, combining modernity with classic elements to create a truly unique and versatile typeface.

One glance at the font’s image and you’ll be captivated by its graceful curves and delicate lines. Fino V.2 exudes a sense of refinement and grace, making it perfect for a variety of design styles. Whether you’re creating a sleek and minimalist layout or a whimsical and playful design, this font has got you covered.

The first thing that stands out about Fino V.2 is its versatility. With two distinct styles – a modern and a classic one – this font is a chameleon, adapting to any project and adding its own touch of charm. Its sleek and clean lines make it a perfect fit for modern and contemporary designs, while its elegant and intricate details make it a great choice for more traditional projects.

But what truly sets Fino V.2 apart is its attention to detail. Each letter has been meticulously crafted, resulting in a font that is not only visually appealing, but also easy to read. Its smooth and fluid strokes give it a sense of movement, making it a dynamic addition to any design.

Whether you’re designing invitations, logos, or packaging, Fino V.2 is a font that will elevate your project to the next level. With its fresh and modern style, it’s perfect for creating eye-catching and professional designs. So why settle for ordinary fonts when you can have a font that combines elegance, versatility, and impeccable design? Add Fino V.2 to your collection today and let your creativity soar.

Designer: Ermin Me_edovi_

Family name: Fino


manufacturer: TypeTogether

vendor url:

version: Version 1.012;PS 001.012;hotconv 1.0.88;makeotf.lib2.5.64775


Latin Greek

Publish Date: 2024-06-13

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