Braciola MS Extrabold
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About Braciola MS Extrabold

Introducing Braciola MS Extrabold, a dynamic and eye-catching font created by the talented Francesco Canovaro and brought to life by the renowned kmzero fonts foundry. This font is a true gem in the world of typography, with its bold and playful design that captures the essence of modern and edgy styles.

At first glance, Braciola MS Extrabold exudes confidence and energy, with its thick and angular lettering that demands attention. Its sharp edges and strong lines add a touch of boldness and strength to any design, making it perfect for creating impactful headlines and titles. But don’t be fooled by its boldness, as this font also has a touch of whimsy and playfulness that adds a unique charm to any project.

With its sleek and modern aesthetic, Braciola MS Extrabold is perfect for projects that need a touch of contemporary flair. Whether you’re designing a poster for a music festival or creating a logo for a trendy brand, this font will add a touch of coolness and freshness to your work. Its versatility allows it to shine in both print and digital designs, making it a must-have for any designer’s toolkit.

This version of Braciola MS Extrabold, released in 2006, is a true testament to its timelessness and enduring appeal. Its availability at, with a user-friendly license, makes it accessible to all designers, from professionals to beginners. So why wait? Add this font to your collection and elevate your designs with its striking and captivating style.

In summary, Braciola MS Extrabold is a fresh and cool font that blends modern and edgy styles with a touch of playfulness. Its strong lines and bold design make it perfect for creating impactful designs, while its sleek and versatile aesthetic makes it suitable for a variety of projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this unique and timeless font to your collection and watch your designs come to life!

Designer: Francesco Canovaro

Family name: Braciola MS Extrabold


manufacturer: zerofonts - a kmzero fonts foundry

vendor url:

version: Version 1.004 2006



Publish Date: 2023-12-28

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