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About Beauty School DropoutII

Introducing the font that will have you singing ‘Grease’ tunes all day long – Beauty School Dropout II! This font, created by the talented minds at Nick’s Fonts, will transport you to the iconic beauty school scene in the beloved musical. And now, thanks to ALLTYPE, it’s available for all your design needs at the click of a button.

Just one look at Beauty School Dropout II’s image ( and you’ll be inspired by its retro charm and playful energy. This font embodies the styles of both vintage and hand-drawn, making it the perfect choice for any project looking for a touch of nostalgia and whimsy. Whether you’re designing a retro poster or adding a fun twist to your branding, Beauty School Dropout II has got you covered.

With its fresh and cool vibes, this font is perfect for any project that wants to stand out from the crowd. From its bold and quirky lettering to its unique and eye-catching ligatures, Beauty School Dropout II is sure to make a statement. And with its extensive character set, including four long-tail keywords that fit snugly with its styles – ‘retro’, ‘hand-drawn’, ‘vintage’, and ‘whimsical’ – this font is versatile and ready to elevate any design.

But Beauty School Dropout II isn’t just about looks – it’s also incredibly functional. Its clean and easy-to-read letters make it perfect for both print and digital use, ensuring that your message is clear and impactful. Plus, its multiple weights and styles give you the flexibility to mix and match for a truly unique design.

So don’t wait any longer, add some retro flair to your designs with Beauty School Dropout II. Let this font take you on a journey back in time, where beauty school was the place to be and hand-drawn fonts reigned supreme. Get your hands on this must-have font today and see why it’s making waves in the design world.


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version: Converted from e:nickfo~1pcttfBESDII__.TF1 by ALLTYPE


Latin Greek

Publish Date: 2023-12-26

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