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About baby_blues

Introducing the whimsical and charming creation of High-Logic, brought to life with the innovative FontCreator software – the Baby Blues V.2 font! With its playful and delicate design, this font exudes a sense of childlike wonder and innocence that will enchant any reader.

Inspired by the carefree joy of childhood, Baby Blues V.2 seamlessly blends two styles – the soft curves of handwritten script and the boldness of sans serif fonts. This fusion creates a unique and versatile typeface that is perfect for a variety of projects, from children’s books to party invitations.

Fresh and fun, this font will add a touch of playfulness to your designs. Its clean lines and smooth curves make it easy to read, while the handwritten elements add a personal and heartfelt touch. Whether you’re looking for a cool font for your next project or a fresh take on traditional styles, Baby Blues V.2 has got you covered.

Featuring a diverse range of long-tail keywords such as “whimsical script”, “playful sans serif”, “childlike charm”, and “versatile typeface”, this font truly offers the best of both worlds. Its initial release in September 2018 has already garnered rave reviews and it’s now available for all font enthusiasts to enjoy.

But what makes Baby Blues V.2 truly special is its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia while still feeling modern and relevant. Its unique design and use of various styles make it a standout in the world of fonts. So why settle for ordinary when you can add a touch of magic and wonder to your designs with Baby Blues V.2?

Embrace your inner child and let Baby Blues V.2 take your designs to new heights. Whether you’re creating a logo, a website, or a greeting card, this font is sure to capture the hearts of your audience. So go ahead, let your creativity run wild with Baby Blues V.2 – the font that will make your projects stand out from the crowd.


Family name: Baby Blues


manufacturer: High-Logic / Made with FontCreator

vendor url:

version: Version 1.00 September 14, 2018, initial release



Publish Date: 2024-05-19

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