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Angular font download

About Angular

Get ready to elevate your font game with ” by Staffan Vilcans. This font is a true masterpiece, carefully crafted and produced to perfection. Its Version 1.00 December 27, 2005 release is just the beginning of its journey into the hearts of font lovers everywhere.

Inspired by the sleek and angular image (, ” exudes a modern and edgy vibe. With its clean lines and sharp angles, this font is perfect for projects that need a touch of sophistication and style. Whether you’re creating a cutting-edge logo or designing a trendy website, ” has got you covered with its fresh and cool style.

But don’t let its sleek appearance fool you, ” is more than just a pretty font. It’s also incredibly versatile and functional. With a wide range of weights and variations, this font is perfect for both headlines and body text. Its clean and legible design makes it suitable for any project, from print to digital.

” is the perfect combination of style and substance. Its unique and eye-catching design will make your projects stand out, while its functionality and versatility make it a must-have for any font collection. So why settle for ordinary fonts when you can have ”? Upgrade your font game today and let ” take your designs to the next level.

Designer: Staffan Vilcans

Family name: Angular



vendor url:

version: Version 1.00 December 27, 2005, initial release


Latin Greek

Publish Date: 2023-12-25

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