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Designer: Muhammad Ariq Syauqi

Family name: LEMON MILK


manufacturer: MARSNEV

vendor url: www.marsnev.com

version: Version 1.000;hotconv 1.0.109;makeotfexe 2.5.65596

Publish Date: 2023-12-15

Are you ready to add a burst of freshness and playfulness to your designs? Look no further than LEMON MILK, a font creation by the talented Muhammad Ariq Syauqi and produced by MARSNEV Type Studio. This version 1.000 is the perfect addition to any font collection, with its hotconv 1.0.109 and makeotfexe 2.5.65596 features. As you feast your eyes on the font's image, you can't help but be drawn in by its lively and vibrant style. With a touch of whimsy and a dash of modernity, LEMON MILK stands out as a font that exudes energy and creativity. Its sleek and clean lines make it a versatile choice for any project, while its bold and playful nature adds a unique flair to your designs. One of the standout styles in LEMON MILK is its fresh and youthful vibe. It's the perfect choice for those looking to infuse their designs with a sense of liveliness and vigor. Whether you're designing a logo, creating a social media post, or crafting a poster, LEMON MILK's fresh style will give your designs that extra pop of excitement. But don't be fooled by its fun and carefree appearance, LEMON MILK also boasts a touch of sophistication and elegance. This makes it an ideal choice for more refined and polished designs. Its clean and crisp look adds a touch of coolness to any project, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a font that is both trendy and timeless. With its versatile and dynamic style, LEMON MILK is perfect for a wide range of projects, from branding and advertising to social media and print designs. Its bold and eye-catching design will grab the attention of your audience, while its clean and modern look will keep them engaged. So why settle for ordinary fonts when you can add a touch of freshness and playfulness with LEMON MILK? Get your hands on this font today and let your designs stand out from the crowd.

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